Monday, August 15, 2011

15 AUGUST 2011

15 AUGUST 2011

Hellllo0o My dearest blog..!
i'm back..!!!
miss u so damn much..=D

a lot has happened  since i shared it out here.. life..friendship..
all has changed..
and it's all about my life..

i had to thank ex..
i have learned a lot from you..
learned to be patient
learned to be more rigid
i used to be yours
but sorry..
everything's over..
i didn't meant to hurt u..
i just can't stand it anymore..
i already gave u a chance..
but nothing's changed..
so i've made my choice..
we're better off separated...
 hope this is the best way for us..
whatever happens, i'll always pray for u..=)
we just can't force the situation according to what we wills

i'm so in love with photography..
especially lomography..
it's just so vintage.!!
love the colours..
don't know why..i'm so addicted with vintage stuff...!
wish i was born in 50s =p

Photography is a way of..
what u have caught in film,
is captured forever..
it remembers little things,
long after you have forgotten everything..

there is something i want to share..
every morning..
when i wake up..
i reach my phone..
type morning..
then send it..
but i just send it to 1 person..
dunno why..

i always think about this quotes..
"If u spend too long holding on the one who treats u like an option,
u'll miss finding someone who treats u like a priority "
yeah.that's right..
i miss it..!!
miss those times..
the time when i want something, i'll surely get it..
not in material things..
but in care.
miss those times..
when i had someone accompanying me everyday..
when i'm sick..
when we laugh together..

trying to find the other..
but i'm stuck..
stuck with someone..
the one that treats me like his option..
someone that can make me smile and cry in the same way..
hey boy..
do u realized?
who will accompany u to anywhere u want if she doesn't have feelings for u?
u know?how does it feels when u said u interested with one of my friend?
feels like i wanna scream out loud..
"damn it..!"

when u asked me what's wrong??i smiled n said "nothing"
then i turned around n whispered "everything"

i wish i could spend my weekends with u..
even for a little while..
but i don't think we will
if it's impossible for us..
tell me..
don't waste my time..

" Sometimes, we need to forget some people from our past..
because one simple reason..
they just don't belong in our future.."
remember that..
Life Goes On..


Monday, October 18, 2010

18 October '2010

18 October ' 2010

Helllo0o0 my dearest blog..=D
miss u much..!!

dunno what to write..
what to share..
everything happened so fast n has passed..

dunno from which part should i tell first..
3 month since i last wrote..
too many things had happened...

BAD things n GOOD things..
laugh a lot n cried a lot..
that's life..
sometimes we are at the peak..
n sometimes we're at the bottom..

i'm waiting for this friday..
22 October..
that's the time i'm getting older..
n i'm sure that's the time i'm getting more mature..=D

there's 1 of my biggest wish..
" i want to live happily ever after "
hope that wish will be come true...

this month..
i've learned something..
don't fall with someone becouse of their look,
but fall for them because of their sincerity..
coz someone's physical will change..
but their sincerity will always be immortal..

just need to regret it once..
than take it as a lesson to lead you for a better future..

Don't hate them who hurt you..
but thanks them...
because of them,
you learned a lot of things..
learned to forgive n forget..


Thursday, July 01, 2010

01 June 2010

1 JUNE 2010


i'm BACKK..!!

is everything goes well??
so so..

miss my blog so..
too much to shared..
too many changes in my life..

my daily activities?
still the same..
still the same..
Love life??
still same...
what has changed?
it's my fam appraisement about him..

we can go out together..

i plan to go to Bandung with him n my fam next week...
still plan..
dunno whether can or can't..
one more..
if the plan works,
then we'll bring mojo..!!

bout tomorrow..
it'll be 3rd month anniv for us..
me n him...
i bought him wallet..
dunno if he likes it or not..
i gave it to him yesterday..
hope he like it..=D

today is 1st of july..
there's 30 days to go..
hope this month will ends up quickly..
just can't wait for SEPTEMBER..
need refreshing..

i'm addicted to shakira's song..
" waka waka"
n i never heard bad gossip about her..
one word 4 her..

don't know what else to write..
i'll be back again if i have something to share..

see u ..!!


Monday, May 03, 2010



just finished my dinner..
so fulll..

let's get started..

not much has happened last week..
just passed my days as usual..
work.. cops out..
damn funny movie...!!
hang out with my bestie n my boy....

i got something special yesterday..
it was our 1 month anniversary..
me n him..=)
hope our relationship will last forever..
trying to be the best for him..

we didn't celebrate it..
just accompanied him to visit his mom @ RS HOLISTIC..
which located in Purwakarta..
together with his grandma n his brothers..
then we had our dinner @ KFC Citra 2..
enjoyed yesterday..!!
i realy did..=)

there's 1 thing i wanna share..
i think..
i can't stand anymore working there..
trying to find new job..
is there any vacancies? =p

tomorrow i'm going to watch IRONMAN 2..
can't waittt..!!

i keep thinking..
keep wondering.
dunno why..
hurts inside..

i'm going to upload few pics @ facebook..
check it there..=)


Thursday, April 22, 2010



it's almost a month i didn't write on my blog..!!
there's a lot lot lot things i wanted to share..
started from my Love Life..
still remember the words that i have ever written in my blog before?
" Love the one who treat u well, n Leave the one who made u sad "
i did it..!!
u've won my heart..XD
LoVe u...=)

bout my fams...
got new members in my fams..
guess what is it???
my dad bought it..
seems like mojo loves it..
i don't know whether it was male or female..
so just called it tortoiseee..
welcome to our familyy..
i haven't take a pic of it yet,,
soon i will..=)

bout friendshipp..??
we've plan to meet up..
having our dinenr @ lekko..
then go to bengawan solo...
miss them so muchh..!!
See u guyss..=)

miss my boy...
can't wait for SATURDAY..!!!

dunno why..
i miss highschool n uni life lately..
miss my friends..
miss those times..
miss my bestiess..
hope we can meet up soon..!!



Monday, March 29, 2010



" Love the one who treat u well n Leave the one who made u sad "
i'm very tired lately..
less rest..

but i'm happy..
i guess i've found someone..=)
but i'm not sure..
just wait for the right time then..=)

today my parents come back from medann...
miss themm..=)
this month..
i've waste a lot of money..
can't wait for next month..

i feel sucks today..
i wanna cry..
but i can't..

gonna upload pic soon
@ fb..


Tuesday, March 16, 2010



today fell better..=)
Vonny came to my hoz..
brought me breakfast..=)
chit chat..
play piano..
then later she went to waterbom with her sis n her bf..
can't join them..
coz still sick..

@ noon.
i went to my brothers coffee shop..
i brought mojo too..
stay for a little while..
then vonny n denny come to join..

what happened with facebook today???
it took so long for upload photo..=(
but all my photos uploaded..
check it on my facebook..

tomorrow morning i'm going to have my blood test again..

gonna sleep earlier..